Why Use Magic Whiteboard?

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Magic Whiteboard is better than flip charts and traditional whiteboards – that is a fact. But in what ways is Magic Whiteboard really better than its close alternatives? Here is a look at top 5 winning attributes of Magic Whiteboard:

Ease of Installation

Magic Whiteboard attaches to any surface without nails or tape. This is because Magic Whiteboard is charged with static electricity. Therefore, it does not require specialist installation or damage walls and other surfaces. On the other hand, traditional whiteboards require drilling to be done in walls, thereby damaging them. Flip charts require a stand to work on them. Without a stand, the user has to past a sheet of flip chart paper on the wall with tape or blu tac, thereby damaging the wall.

Ease of Carry

Magic Whiteboard comes in a roll form. Therefore, it is incredibly easy to carry anywhere. Magic Whiteboard in fact, enhances your corporate persona. Traditional whiteboards on the other hand can not be carried anywhere. Flip charts too, because of their reliance on a stand are less portable than a user would ideally like.

Cost Effectiveness

Magic Whiteboard on average costs Rs.60 per square foot. Compare that to Rs.120 per square foot for traditional whiteboards and Rs.95 per square foot (including cost of stand) for flip charts. Magic Whiteboard is essentially a superior yet more cost effective alternative to flip charts and traditional whiteboards.

Diversity of Use

Magic Whiteboard is not limited to use on just one surface. You can attach Magic Whiteboard on any surface. For example, you can attach Magic Whiteboard on a projector screen and make it a writeable projector screen. You can’t really do that with flip charts and traditional whiteboards. Also, Magic Whiteboard does not reflect the light of your projector back at the audience as much as a traditional whiteboard does.


Whilst Magic Whiteboard and traditional whiteboards are re-usable, flip charts are not. However, Magic Whiteboard takes it a step further. Unlike traditional whiteboards, Magic Whiteboards can be attached to one surface, taken off, rolled up again and used on another surface up to 25 times!

You can find out more about our market-leading Magic Whiteboards here.

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