A1 Magic Whiteboard – 25 Sheets

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A1 Magic Whiteboard ™ allows you to create a portable whiteboard anywhere in seconds. Our Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets are made from polypropylene and are charged with static electricity. They are more flexible than paper and attach instantly to ANY hard and flat surface without ANY adhesive due to static charge.

Each A1 Magic Whiteboard ™ sheet measures approximately 2ft x 2.5ft. Our sheets come in a roll form and you can choose the number of sheets you would like to have on a roll. The sheets are perforated at A1 intervals. You can create a Magic Whiteboard ™ as high or long as you like. Simply tear at the perforation when you have achieved your desired Magic Whiteboard ™ size.

Use our A1 Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets on walls, glass, projector screens or on top of traditional whiteboards. Our Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets are charged with static electricity and attach to any hard and flat surface without the need for tape, blue tac, glue, stickers or nails. You can easily peel off our Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets from one surface and attach to another. The average life span of one Magic Whiteboard ™ sheet is two years.

The sleek packaging of our Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets make them incredibly easy to carry and add to your corporate persona. Perfect for office meetings and presentations, as a replacement for the much out-dated flip chart in training sessions and conferences, at home, at school, in coaching workshops and brainstorming sessions. Use any whiteboard marker on our A1 Magic Whiteboard ™. To erase, simply wipe with your hand, cloth or tissue paper as you would on a traditional whiteboard.

A1 Magic Whiteboard ™ sheets are an absolute bargain and require zero installation effort and won’t damage your walls. Traditional whiteboards cost a lot more per square foot and require drilling through your wall and damaging paint and wallpaper.

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