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Our Visit To Chand Bagh School

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As part of our school outreach program, Magic Whiteboard Pakistan visited Chand Bagh School on Saturday, 19 January 2019. We were hosted by the typical hospitality of this great institution that warmly welcomes any and all visitors with open arms.

The Demonstration

We engaged 70 students from grades 5, 6 and 7 and demonstrated Magic Whiteboard to them. Students were dazzled by the fact that there is no tape or sticker on Magic Whiteboard and yet it attaches to any surface such as glass, wood and walls! We explained that the static charge built in Magic Whiteboard holds our sheets firm against any surface for up to 6 months and users are able to remove Magic Whiteboard from one surface and attach to another up to 25 times! We then provided the students an opportunity try Magic Whiteboard from themselves.

The Highlight of the Day

One young and avid listener grasped the concept of static electricity in Magic Whiteboard very well. He placed a piece of paper against Magic Whiteboard whilst it was attached to a wall. As expected, the piece of paper attached itself to Magic Whiteboard! This is because both sides of Magic Whiteboard are charged with static electricity. A round of applause shortly ensued.

Class Participation

Students were then asked to shout out how and where they could use Magic Whiteboard. Some of the response are enlisted below:

  • In their dorm rooms for reminders, practicing homework and drafting out ideas
  • As a canvas for drawing and arts
  • As the perfect alternative to traditional whiteboards that require drilling in walls
  • As a lightweight alternative to flip charts that are incredibly inconvenient to carry around

We also engaged the students in an Arts Competition, requiring them to draw a banner explaining the concept of Magic Whiteboard to someone who isn’t familiar with it. We admit, we were amazed by some of the work produced. M. Abdullah from class 8 won the competition with his exquisite illustration of Magic Whiteboard.

Watch the key highlights from our journey to Chand Bagh School here:

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