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How to use Magic Whiteboard

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Magic Whiteboard is better than flip charts and traditional whiteboards – that is a fact. But because it’s a new product in Pakistan, you might have a few questions. Check out our FAQs section below for details on how to care for your purchased Magic Whiteboard and answers to some of the common questions we get asked.

Q. What is Magic Whiteboard?

Magic Whiteboard is a special sheet of plastic that has been charged with static electricity. Therefore, it attaches to any hard and flat surface without pins or tape. You can write on it and use it as a whiteboard and a notice board.

Q. How long does the static charge last?

Whilst we say in our instructions manual that the static charge will last for up to 4 months, we know for a fact that it can last much longer. We have created a smaller benchmark to minimize the risk of misleading customers. The biggest factor impacting static charge is dust. If you use Magic Whiteboard in a dusty environment, you will see the static charge diminish rapidly. Use it in a clean environment and Magic Whiteboard will stay put for up to 2 years!

Q. How do I install Magic Whiteboard?

Installation of Magic Whiteboard is very easy. Simply unroll a sheet of Magic Whiteboard from your roll, tear at the perforation and attach to a surface. Make note of the following points:

1. Make sure the surface you apply Magic Whiteboard on is not dusty.

2. If there is a fan in your room, turn it off before sticking Magic Whiteboard on the surface.

3. When you unroll and tear a sheet, you will notice its general tendency to roll inwards. Ensure that you attach the inward side to the surface for best results.

4. Ease the sheet against the surface and then thoroughly spread it out with your fingernails. Ensure that you do not spread Magic Whiteboard out on a surface with the palm of your hands as this will attract the sheet to your palm and it won’t stay in one place. No tape, sticker or glue needed!

5. !!! Do not put on face. Suffocation hazard !!!

6. Your Magic Whiteboard is now ready to use!

Q. Do I need a special marker to write on Magic Whiteboard?

No! You can use ANY whiteboard marker to write on it.

Q. Can I reuse Magic Whiteboard? Is Magic Whiteboard reusable?

Magic Whiteboard is entirely reusable! You can write on it as many times as you would on a whiteboard. You can also attach it to one surface, remove it and attach to another up to 25 times.

Q. Which surfaces can I attach Magic Whiteboard to?

You can attach Magic Whiteboard to any hard and flat surface, such as walls, wooden doors, glass and windows.

Q. How can I use Magic Whiteboard as a Notice Board?

Both sides of Magic Whiteboard are charged with static electricity. Therefore once attached to a surface, if you place a piece of paper on the front side of Magic Whiteboard and spread it out firmly with your fingernails, it will attach to it. You do not need any pins or tape to put papers on your Magic Whiteboard once it is attached to the surface.

Q. What sizes and colours in Magic Whiteboard available in?

Magic Whiteboard comes in 2 sizes:

1. A1 Size – this comes in a roll form with perforations for easy tearing. Each sheet in this roll is 2ft x 2.5ft (width x length). This size is only available in White colour.

2. A4 Size – this comes in a pack form. Each sheet is 8.5in x 11.7in, the same size as your printer paper. This size is available in White, Pink and Green colours.

Q. How do I order Magic Whiteboard?

You can find out more about our market-leading Magic Whiteboards and order here.

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