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Going Abroad to Study?

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We recognize that a large proportion of students in Pakistan prefer to, and end up going abroad for their higher education. This is a costly endeavor. Fees alone could rack up to $30,000 per year. Add extra on top for accommodation, food and entertainment and you are looking at around $50,000 per year, or Rs.70 lac!

Luckily, Magic Whiteboard Pakistan offers some savings in that regard…

One of the many essential items you’ll need in your hostel or accommodation abroad is Magic Whiteboard. Remember, student accommodation providers abroad are very strict on damages done to their property during your stay. So if you need a notice board or whiteboard in your room, well, you can’t have it! Unless of course, you use Magic Whiteboard!

Due to the portable nature of Magic Whiteboard, you can carry it anywhere, without hassle! Here’s a short video to show you how Magic Whiteboard works:

Magic Whiteboard is available in over 30 countries in the world including Pakistan, India, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Germany, United States and United Kingdom. However, with only two manufacturers of Magic Whiteboard worldwide, you stand to lose value for money if you buy from anywhere except Pakistan and Germany!

Therefore, you should purchase Magic Whiteboard from Pakistan before you go abroad for your studies due to the following reasons:


Depending on which roll you order, a sheet of Magic Whiteboard would cost as low as Rs.272 in Pakistan. Compare that to Rs.355 in the United States, Rs.325 in Australia and Rs.375 in the United Kingdom. We estimate that an average student would use 200 sheets over the course of a 4 year program. The savings you make by purchasing Magic Whiteboard from Pakistan would amount to Rs.20,000!

Smaller Denominations

Magic Whiteboard comes in a roll form and we have catered to the demands of our people! Whilst the smallest and only roll available in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom has 25 sheets, we sell rolls that contain as little as just 1 sheet! So if require just one sheet, Magic Whiteboard Pakistan will provide it. We also have rolls with 3, 5, 10 or 25 sheets!


So if you’ve got your bags packed and are looking forward to your next term, make sure you order your Magic Whiteboard in Pakistan at least 3 days before your flight! If you require Magic Whiteboard urgently, please give us a call on +923454143502 and we will make sure you have it within 48 hours.

You can find out more about our market-leading Magic Whiteboards here.

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