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Magic Whiteboard Pakistan

  • Magic WhiteBoard has perforated sheets for easy tearing and handling

    Perforated sheets

    for easy tearing and handling

  • Magic WhiteBoard is charged with static electricity they stick to any hard and plain surface

    charged with static electricity

    they stick to ANY hard and plain surface

  • Make a Magic Whiteboard as high or as long as you like

    make a whiteboard

    as high or as long as you like

  • Magic Whiteboard sticks to a glass too

    Sticks to glass too!

  • Increibly Easy to Carry

    Incredibly Easy to Carry

Instant Whiteboard. No Sticker! No Tape!

Girl writing on a magic whiteboard
Magic whiteboard is charged with static electiricity.Magic Whiteboard ™ is charged with static electricity. It attaches to any surface without glue, tape, sticker or nails.

Instant Whiteboard

Create a Whiteboard anywhere, in seconds with our A1 and A4 Magic Whiteboard Sheets.

Ease of Use

None of our products require specialist workmen or equipment to install.

Amazing Value for Your Rupee

Our whiteboards are cheaper per square foot compared to any other type of whiteboard on the market

Perfect for Extra Curricular Activities

Due to the portable nature of our whiteboards, you can easily carry and use them anywhere. This includes indoors and outdoors!

Your Kids Will Love It

Our whiteboards are futuristic and provide great learning experiences for your kids.

Use at home, School or Office

Our whiteboards cater for a wide range of audiences.

Rs.150 for shipping in Lahore

Rs.160 for shipping outside Lahore

Magic Whiteboard shipping